Imprint Area is Key!

It’s really exciting to deliver a cool new Promotional tee shirt to a client.  The crowd of employees gathers around the center office area to catch a glimpse of the new company swag.  The foyer becomes a fashion show runway of employee models strutting the branding with smiles from ear to ear. 

How is such a simple promo such a big hit?  It’s really not about the shirts, but about building a team of belonging.  Employees gain a sense of belonging and take in a good feeling having a new symbol of togetherness.   Try this at your office, see how many smiles you get! 





So you have decided to move forward with the perfect promo!  Great.  Now, what message will you include?  Will it be your logo only or will you have a call to action?  These are things to think about. Not every promo item offers the same size imprint area.  Each product defines an exact size and position of live imprint that should work for your image.  We recently provided a product that conflicted with the client’s graphic format.  While the client logo was landscape, the imprint area was portrait which challenged the project.  Our solution was to redirect the imprint area and do a custom location imprint.  This isn’t always doable financially nor a common solution, but our knowledge and expertise with promos successfully guided our client to the best outcome.  Its what sets us apart!